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Little Mulchatna Lodge   

The Little Mulchatna Lodge is a remote Alaskan fishing and wildlife viewing lodge offering guided and unguided trips to locations few ever see. Located in Southwestern Alaska and deep within the Lake Clark National Park and Preserve, the lodge is a piece of paradise offering lake and stream fishing from your personal guest cabin, as well as unlimited fly-out fishing to the lakes and rivers of the Mulchatna and Illiamna river drainages. For the non-fisherman, our unique location also provides unparalleled scenic beauty, back packing, and wildlife photographic opportunities that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Rustic accommodations provide the comforts of home while complementing the unique natural surroundings. As one of the only lodges located within Lake Clark National Park, we provide guests with the ultimate in privacy and relaxation. Some just come for the quiet isolation of the park itself and leave with an experience that only they can describe.

For many, you're first introduction to the lodge came through the film called "Let This Be A Voice" produced by John Denver for the Nature Series on P.B.S. John was a guest of the lodge many times in his life. Sadly one month after finishing this film, died in a plane crash in California. He is truly missed

For the ultimate in wilderness experience, visit the Little Mulchatna Lodge
nestled in the vast backcountry of Lake Clark National Park and Preserve
surrounded by nothing more than nature alone.

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